Social politics

Kazuz Oil is one of the largest city-forming enterprises in the region, a conscientious payer of tax and social contributions to the budget.

The number of its personnel is more than 200 people of various specialties, who undergo compulsory training in order to improve their qualifications. Thus, the company contributes to the stability and prosperity of the region, the creation of jobs and the solution of the urgent problem of the outflow of young specialists. All the requirements of the Labor Code for labor remuneration and other payments related to work at night and holidays, as well as especially harmful, harmful and difficult working conditions are strictly met.


The plant has created and successfully operates industrial and environmental safety and labor protection management systems.
The technological process for the processing of hydrocarbon raw materials at the units is closed and low-waste. To prevent pollution of surface and ground waters, materials and structures are used that ensure trouble-free operation of the plant and exclude the possibility of industrial wastewater leakage into the ground. In order to exclude emissions of oil products in case of possible emergency situations, the company operates automated control of technological operations and equipment operation, and regular monitoring of the environment is carried out. In the field of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection, the company is guided by the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the norms of international law.
Environmental Protection

The Company devotes large expenditures each year to reduce the environmental impact of production variables, with approximately KZT 17.2 billion spent in the last three years. The Company conducts annual environmental monitoring of the air, underground/surface water, soil, and radiation using both internal environmental laboratories and independent specialist organizations with appropriately equipped facilities and required permits/licenses.

It is common knowledge that downhole equipment is repaired near wells, resulting in soil pollution. Wellhead areas are being created with sewers at fields, in addition to other steps done to prevent contamination near wells. To eliminate historical contamination, the Company conducts regular efforts to treat, re-cultivate, and repair damaged sites. The most up-to-date methods and technology are being investigated, while acquisition of an environmentally friendly and efficient waste treatment unit, as well as the application of new technologies for reclaiming and restoring oil-contaminated fields, are both underway.